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Getting started on my vintage jewelry journal....finally.

So one of my passions is vintage jewelry.  I have been collecting it for a couple of years now and inheriting my great-great-grandmother's locket is what started it all.  I love vintage jewelry not only for it's value but craftsmanship of the maker, glamour of the style, stories of the previous owners, connection to American history, and it's one-of-a-kind-ness.  I love that with today's mass production of stuff, your vintage piece will be unique to probably only a handful of people.  And it is environmentally friendly by reusing instead of buying new!

When trying to determine what to use my livejournal for, I thought I would share my ever increasing collection (and as a way of remembering what I have!) and see if there are others that have a similar interest.  So please comment!  BTW, I'm an amateur collector - I just do it because it interests me and I'm still in the process of learning the designers, terminology, etc.  

To start my journal off, I wanted to share my favorite set of my collection.  It's by Trifari



I wish my picture was clearer but they really are beautiful. I found the brooch first at this shop in West Virginia. When I went back to the shop a year later, the earrings had showed up! I was so excited to get additional pieces. Now I'm searching for the necklace.